Big Tech Tyranny Will Not Succeed.

As we continue to be censored everywhere, the DOJ is on its way to breaking up Google on a monopoly charge, because of their ability to lock all other contenders out. YouTube is already suppressing, and hopefully they will become a part of this after the fact.

The entire monopoly case is based upon search. Search is where all the power comes from. They boost left wing results, while in control of 80% of the information. If you appear on the second page of search, you might as well not exist.

They control freedom of expression, while pretending to be a publisher and benefiting from the section 230, as a neutral tech platform, enjoying the success from a capitalist society, while suppressing perhaps the one unique American trait, free speech.

While the DOJ is attempting to pull Google apart for monopoly, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved subpoenas on Thursday to force Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to testify before the body regarding complaints of anti-conservative bias on their platforms.

Although this is a slow process, I am slightly optimistic. Congress has been slow on the uptake regarding social media censoring, however proven to at least attempt to not let us all down.