Live Free or Die

As we continuously feel betrayed by our own government, I must reach out and encourage you, and say that we are not finished. We haven't begun to fight, and as we all well know how easy it is to throw in the towel, we must not. We must stand by our military, and continue to fight with God. We choose to fight on the right side of God, because it is him who we answer to, not the government. The government was created by us, it works for us, the governed.

They would easily have us accept our fate to be controlled and swayed by the those who have exposed themselves as criminals, but I would only wish it upon you to reach down deep, and pull out everything you've got. I would ask you now, as citizens of God's incredible creation, Earth, to conjure up all you have. If you don't, then we may not have enough.

It is with great pleasure that I announce the next segment of our fight. We will be live streaming directly from our site, a free speech zone. It is time to start moving away from big tech.